General Introduction Videos

The Impact of Routing Apps on Traffic: Alexandre Bayen

AI trained to control traffic

Unclogging Traffic Congestion - CBS Smartplanet

Technical Presentations

Session 8: Alexandre Bayen

2016 04 05 IDSS Bayen Distinguished Seminar

Distributed Learning Dynamics Convergence In Routing Games

Alexandre Bayen: "Lagrangian control at large and local scales in mixed autonomy traffic flow"


Alexandre Bayen, Dir. of Berkeley's Institute for Transportation Studies

TV Interviews

The Hidden Cause of Traffic Jams—and How to Solve Them

Fremont Interview - Traffic Aps

ABC 7 - Domino Effect of Traffic Gridlock

Floating Sensor Network - KGO TV

Saving Big on your commute - abcNews

The CW News on Mobile Millennium - November 10, 2010

Mobile Millennium on NBC - November 10, 2010

ABC News - Ahead of the Curve with Mobile Millenium

Convert Driverless Car

The Floating Sensor Network

AWS re:Invent 2018: The Future of Mixed-Autonomy Traffic (AIS302)

Mobile Century: Using Cell Phones as Mobile Traffic Sensors

Floating Sensors

Road Work: Using Mobile Data to Alleviate Traffic Congestion

Joint Nokia research project to capture traffic data

Integrating Motion into Infrastructure using Cell PhonesMedium mp4

Senate Budget Sub 2 Hearing - ITS segment 04/14/16

Can You Drive Better Than a Computer? | Overview

Using A.I. to Eliminate Traffic Jams


ABC7 Traffic Apps - Building a better bay area (11-16-18)

Atlanta Traffic - Your navigation app could be causing more backups, new research suggests

Fees For Drivers Might Be Radical Solution To Bay Area Traffic Gridlock

Traffic Jams - Alexandre Bayen

ABC News on Mobile Millennium - November 10, 2010

NAVTEQ Traffic on Mobile Millennium

CBS News on Mobile Millennium - February 8, 2010

Alex Bayen introduces Flow

Mobile Millenium - The Progress Project

SC17 Invited Talks: Alexandre Bayen

6.4 Alex Bayen

PARC MobileMillenium A

SF & UC Berkeley - Partners in the Smart City Challenge

Mobile Zukunft Die Stadt von morgen ARTE 3

ABC7 - High Tech Help For Traffic Jams

Floating Sensor Network - KCRA


BBC News on Mobile Millennium

CNET News on Mobile Millennium - February 8, 2010


CBS News on Mobile Millennium - November 10, 2010

Mobile Millennium on NBC - Feb 8, 2010

OETA Story on New Levee Breaching Prevention Techniques aired on 11/09/09


Future of Aviation: Fireside Chat with Abby Smith & Alexandre Bayen

Can Electric Cars Help With Climate?

Session 8: Question and Answer

Overview of the Urban Mobility Readiness Index

Sensor and Sensor Network Panel

Global Mobility Executive Forum Overview

Panel C: New technologies for distributed sensing

SafelyYou Activities

SafelyYou - Using AI to Detect and Prevent Falls

Fung Institute, Master of Engineering Capstone Project Video

Videos in French

La mobilité du futur dans nos villes ARTE mp4 474382

Où en sera votre établissement en 2020 ? Alexandre Bayen - 2


À travers les villes en crise Inventer les mobilités de l’après crise

Alzheimer's disease A new approach of sensing and monitoring UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering

Où en sera votre établissement en 2020 ? Alexandre Bayen - 1